Monday, 2 June 2014

1st June - weekly catch up - June gets off to a good start.

As the title says, June got off to a good start.  5am alarm, at the lake by 5.45, and ready to swim at 6am.  Unfortunately the sun had not managed to get up, so the lake was hidden by mist and we were restricted to the small 300m loop for the first 90 minutes.  By the time we finished it was sunny!  (See above)  Nonetheless, after 2h53 minutes, and 17x300m+5x1000m I had completed my first 10k swim in nearly 2 years, entirely unrested and only 6 minutes off my PB (some of which was down to a chat at the food stop, and swimming an extra 100m due to the 17x300m).  I'll take that! Here I am on a jelly bear stop.


In fact, it rounded off an even bigger week of swimming than last week, 34.3k swum.  Pretty good, especially as my mood was v low and Monday evening/Tuesday morning swims were slow and sluggish.  I was also lucky to be invited to swim at the lake on Thursday morning when it wasn't officially open :-)  5 of us did a nice 6k swim as a group which was great.

What did I swim?
Monday - 3.5k pool swim am, 2k lake swim pm (hard, race pace swimming)
Tuesday - 3k sluggish recovery swim
Wednesday - 3k sluggish recovery swim
Thursday - 6k lake swim
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 1.2k whilst coaching, 5.5k pool swim (pool closed early for an event, plus I was jolly tired still, and ended up spending 4 hours asleep in the afternoon!)
Sunday - 10.1k swim!

What's the plan for this week?
Unfortunately I can't get to the lake on Monday night as I'm needed to be on the other side, and stand on the side of the pool and cover a coaching session, so I will probably make up for this by doing a little swim on Friday, technically a rest day, but I am off work so it will probably involve a little pool tourism somewhere.  I'm then planning a "split the distance of Windermere" weekend, with 7k on Saturday and 10k on Sunday.  The 10k is actually an event that I've entered, my first of this year, down the Jubilee River.  Looking forward to that, not least because it involves more of a lie in than the usual lake swim does :-)

Monday - 3k pool swim (drills focussed)
Tuesday - 3k pool swim
Wednesday - 3k pool swim
Thursday - 6k pool swim
Friday - 2k pool swim
Saturday - 7k pool swim
Sunday - 10k Jubilee river swim

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