Sunday, 25 May 2014

25th May - weekly catch up. Already the biggest swimming month ever

To my surprise, I realised about a week ago, that I was on track to exceed my biggest swimming month ever (May 2012).  I passed that marker today, and have already swum 106.5k.  I could well swim another 20k before the month ends, even with a rest day on Friday.  I have been doing A LOT of swimming.  It's about the only thing going reasonably well at the moment, otherwise my mood is low and I have all of the indicators that I have when my depression is very bad.  This week was supposed to be an "easy" week, and although I cut my Monday and Thursday workouts a little short, I didn't swim much less than the previous week.  Bit achy and in need of an osteopath session (booked for this Tuesday), but otherwise ok. 

What swimming did I do?
Monday - 3.1k pool swim am, 2k lake swim pm (entirely non wetsuit as was 19.5C!)
Tuesday - 3k pool swim - recovery, lots of backstroke
Wednesday - 3k pool swim - recovery, lots of backstroke - must do some drills this week!
Thursday - 5.1k pool swim
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 1k lake swim whilst coaching, 6.5k pool swim
Sunday - 8k lake swim (all wetsuit, was too much effort to get out and take it off)
= 31.7k swum.

What's the plan for this week?
Monday - 3.5k pool swim (Bank Holiday, so get a bit longer!), 2 (or possibly 3, depending on tiredness and warmth levels)k lake swim
Tuesday - 3k pool swim *must do some drills* and osteopath
Wednesday - 3k pool swim
Thursday - 6k pool swim
Friday - off
Saturday - coaching, 6.5k pool swim
Sunday - 8 (9??)k lake swim

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