Tuesday, 13 May 2014

11th May - weekly catch up

Except, it's technically the 13th May when I am writing this.  We spent Sunday mostly in the car (going to and from lake and then to Devon and back for a christening) and I did not get a chance to blog at all.  Last week was another good distance week (28k swum), and I'm aiming to put in even more ks this week (aiming for 30!) before having an easier week next week.  I'm starving hungry all of the time which means I am definitely swimming a lot!  My wrist still remains sore, and apparently this is because I have "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome" in it as a result of the accident and that is why it is not improving as fast as might be hoped.  At least I have an explanation for it, and pool swimming mainly seems to be ok.

So, what did I swim last week?
Monday.  Bank Holiday again meant I got a 3.5k pool swim in.  In the evening, we went to the lake with Monika, our friend who moved to Germany at the start of the year.  Monika and I swam and cycled together a lot last year so it was fantastic to see her again.  I did one lap with a wetsuit and one without.
Tuesday.  Recovery swimming and drills focussed 3k.
Wednesday. Can't remember exactly what I swam, but it was a pool based 3k.
Thursday. 6k pool swim - longest early morning swim for a good long while.  Didn't feel too tough :)
Friday. Off.  I actually managed to persuade myself to take a rest day.  I felt very tired, as did my arms.
Saturday.  I was coaching first thing at the lake with the beginner openwater swimmers.  It was pleasantly warm with sunshine amid the showers.  I probably swam about 500m with them.  I then headed off to do some training of my own and did a 6k pool swim.  I wasn't really in the mood at first, and could really have done with a snack between the two swims, but it improved as the swim progressed.
Sunday. 4k lake swim, 3k with the suit on and 1k with it off.  Very cold wind and shivered all of the way home!

Plan for this week
Monday: 3k pool swim, 2k lake swim
Tuesday: 3k pool swim, sports massage pm
Wednesday 3k pool swim
Thursday 6k pool swim
Friday OFF
Saturday 1k with beginners, 6k pool swim
Sunday 6k lake swim
=30k hopefully!!

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