Sunday, 5 January 2014

New year, new blog, new challenges

New year and new challenges has resulted in this new blog.  Tuna to tri just didn't fit any longer and maybe that was why I wasn't managing to blog there so much.  Given that I'm focusing on swimming, with a smattering of other things (the odd bit of running because I like the way it tones my legs, and the pursuit of a Level 2 triathlon coaching qualification), Just Keep Swimming Verity seemed like a good way to start 2014.

I've just completed my biggest swimming week in ages - 26.35k - and managed to fit in a bit of running as well, so I hope that bodes well for the rest of the year.

It's hopefully going to be a big year for swimming, which is quite exciting after last year's focus on triathlon.

The line up so far includes:
Feb 2014: Tridynamic Swim Faster Camp with Dan Bullock (the third time I will have attended)
March-April 2014: Swim Trek Long Distance Camp (where I will test my limits for swimming without a wetsuit)
July 2014: Swim the length of Windermere
September 2014: Swim the length of Coniston (I have unfinished business there)
September 2014: Swim the length of Windermere again (or second attempt if don't make it the first time)

There will be other smaller challenges/races along the way but I haven't yet worked out those plans yet.  At least 1 10k and 3 or 4 3.8k swims though :)

My mental health continues to be somewhat fragile, and "Just Keep Swimming" seemed to be fitting for that as well.  So I might end up writing a bit about mental health as well.  Or I might not.

Do jump in and keep me company :)