Sunday, 15 June 2014

15th June - weekly catch up

An "easy" week this week, where I swam just 24k (which would be a hard/long week in the winter!), but bizarrely I feel almost as tired at the end of it as I have done where I've done a lot more swimming over the weekend.  I suppose the mixture of a couple of bad nights sleep, low mood and stressful week at work contribute to that.   I was pretty tired at the start of the week after the previous week, and the sports massage was greatly appreciated on Tuesday.  Otherwise, it's been a fairly normal week with the exception of swimming at a different lake (which I stupidly forgot to photograph) today, as we were spectating/cheering some friends in a triathlon.

What did I swim?
Monday: 3.1k pool swim am, 2k lake swim pm
Tuesday: 3k pool swim am, sports massage pm
Wednesday: 3k pool swim am (was v pleased with myself as I actually had time for longer and had the lane to myself but I got out in the spirit of it being an easy week!)
Thursday: 3k pool swim am
Friday: off
Saturday: 5k pool swim
Sunday: 5k lake swim

What's the plan for this week?
Last hard week before taper, although a bit worried about my slightly niggly shoulder, so will have to keep an eye on that.  Here's what would be great to achieve:
Monday: 3k pool swim am, 2k lake swim pm
Tuesday: 3k pool swim am
Wednesday: [am on annual leave] - 5k lake swim am
Thursday: 5k pool swim am
Friday: off
Saturday: 9k pool swim
Sunday: 9k lake swim

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