Sunday, 8 June 2014

Weekly catch up - 8th June - a whole lot more swimming

Another big week of swimming with 35k swum, ending with my first event of the year, The Jubilee 10k.  I'll write separately about that later once I've got the pictures from Mr Just Keep Swimming.  I'm not sure I quite fulfilled my goal of covering the Windermere distance over the weekend, as the Jubilee 10k was current assisted, but I will have another go in two weeks time.  For now, some recovery swimming over the next couple of days, and then "short" swims (5k) next weekend before one more big week, and then just under 2 weeks of taper.  Getting close!

What did I complete this week?
Monday - 3k pool swim, drills focussed.  Arms surprisingly fine after the 10.1k the day before, but I bonked whilst cycling home which suggests that I hadn't eaten quite enough :)  I was coaching in the evening so had to miss my usual Monday evening lake swim
Tuesday - 3k pool swim
Wednesday - 3k pool swim
Thursday - 6k pool swim
Friday - 2.1k pool swim - I had the day off work and went over to Wallingford for a tweet-up with L at the outdoor pool.  It was beautifully sunny and quite the thing for a day off and I just focussed on a little splash around and making up the distance that I'd missed from Monday.
Saturday - 7.5k pool swim
Sunday - 10k Jubilee river swim

What's the plan for next week?
Monday - pool swim am, lake swim pm (if feeling not too tired)
Tuesday - pool swim am, sports massage pm (can't wait!)
Wednesday - pool swim am
Thursday - pool swim am
Friday - off
Saturday - 5k pool swim
Sunday - 5k lake swim

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