Sunday, 22 June 2014

22nd June - Weekly update - final week of full training

Overall a pretty good week of training, until today!  Having swum 9k yesterday (in the pool - yes, 360 lengths!), by the 4th lap of the lake this morning I was ready to get out.  Laps 5 and 6 were a real struggle, arms were tired and I was tired (it didn't help that I'd not slept very well for the second night running).  I did revive about halfway through the 8th lap and thought I could make the 9th as planned, but because I was swimming in skins, I was a lot slower and there wasn't time :(  Bit frustrating but at least I did complete 17k in under 24 hours.  If Windermere is as hard as today, then it will be hard, but I will be rested and there will be a certain amount of adrenalin to help me along.  I know that I can get through hard swims, even when my mood is low, so I take that experience into the event next week.  I hope my mood will improve a little before then...

Tapering is the order of the day from tomorrow.  I won't be going to the lake in the evening and I'll only do a short swim on Thursday.  On Saturday we're going to the beach for a swim race, and then Sunday I'll either have a shortish (4k) swim at the lake or take myself to the pool.  Priority for this week is lie-ins where possible (actually, I don't think that will be any more possible than usual, except for possibly Sunday!!) and just resting those arms and myself.  Sports massage booked for Tuesday, and may book another one before the event.

What did I swim this last week?
Monday: 3k pool swim, 2k lake swim
Tuesday: 3.1k pool swim
Wednesday: 6k lake swim [had the day off work]
Thursday: 4.5k pool swim
Friday: off
Saturday: 9k pool swim
Sunday: 8k lake swim
=35.6k swum

What is the plan for this week?
Monday: 3k pool swim
Tuesday: 4 or 3k pool swim (have day off work)
Wednesday: 3k pool swim
Thursday: 4 or 3k pool swim
Friday: off
Saturday: 3.8k sea swim race
Sunday: 4k swim somewhere.

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