Tuesday, 1 July 2014

and a bit more panic

So, after yesterday's panic, I got in touch with my pilot and he agreed that the forecast looked hideous for Friday.  It's frustrating because the weather has been so good for about three weeks up there!  So, we have rearranged for tomorrow lunchtime (because my husband is at work today, so we will have to drive up first thing).  There is still a little question mark about the weather as the wind is due to pick up a little bit so I am still quite anxious about that.  So please keep everything crossed.

Meanwhile I am trying to get everything reorganised.  Luckily I have managed to reorganise the B and B we were staying in (good job it's not peak holiday season - which is the only reason that a lunchtime swim is ok), and now I just need to do all of the bits and bobs which were due to be spread over the next 48 hours.

I managed to get a decent sleep last night and eat a reasonable amount so hopefully I can just top up those levels today and be in good form tomorrow.  I am under strict instructions to rest, but I think I do need to have a very teeny tiny swim.  I also have an outing to the theatre this afternoon which will hopefully distract me.  Then it's home to run through the briefing points with Colin, and for my husband to finish packing his stuff and pack the car.   More pasta and then an early night.

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  1. You are physically ready and by the time you've eaten your pre-swim dinner and got into bed you will be mentally ready. Everything crossed, though xx