Sunday, 6 July 2014

6th July - weekly catch up

Well, that was a pretty excellent week.  My first one-way Windermere in a time far faster than I was anticipating and plenty of compliments from the crew and lots of cheering on from my friends.  (As an aside, it also turned out to be my first week without a medical appointment for 18 weeks - as I had to rearrange my GP appointment because of the change of the swim (I did have a brief phone call with my CPN but I don't think that counts!).

I've recovered pretty quickly from the swim.  My right arm is still a bit niggly but I hope that will wear off over the next week or so as I don't feel at all fatigued.  I happily swam 5k in the lake today (very warm) and feel ready to start training for another challenge (Coniston/Windermere weekend).  However, the next week will be a fairly easy one with just short swims at the weekend as I'm heading down to the south coast for a couple of sea swim events.  Then it will be back into harder training for the next 6.5 weeks before a taper!  Exciting!  I'm still waiting to hear about the possibility of a two-way-Windermere next year.

So, what did I swim this week?
Monday - 3k non wetsuit swim in Uxbridge lido.  As I was on holiday this week I wanted to do some more "holidayish" swimming.  Because of the change in the date, this was the only pool tourism that I managed to do, but it was excellent.
Tuesday - 1k in Ferry Pool.  I was supposed to be resting but I sneaked out to check that I could still swim.  Good move as I felt most definitely that I could swim the next 16k...
Wednesday - 17k along Windermere!!
Thursday - OFF
Friday - 2.5k pool swim
Saturday - 4k pool swim
Sunday - 5k lake swim
=32.5k swum

What's the plan for this week?
Monday - 3k pool swim (likely to have to work late to catch up on being off from a week so not planning to lake swim)
Tuesday - 3k pool swim
Wednesday - 3k pool swim
Thursday - 5k pool swim
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 2.5k sea swim
Sunday - 6.5k sea swim

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