Sunday, 6 April 2014

Elation to Frustration

Yesterday was amazing.  On Friday night I'd skipped the swim I'd planned as I was very tired, and had already walked in 5 miles to work, and instead, I drove my car for the first time, just around the block a couple of times and then up to Sainsburys with my husband watching anxiously over me.  On Saturday therefore, I felt confident enough to drive myself the 6 miles to the university pool, and swim.  I can't describe how amazing being out in the car by myself, listening to my tunes was.  I don't drive much, but since my husband moved in with me originally, the car has always been my own space for me to spend time in on my own and I've missed it.  I was then full of beans for my swim, aiming for 5k, and it went pretty well.  I was a fair bit slower than I should have been but just really enjoyed ploughing up and down and being in the water.  I think it took about 1h35.  I didn't even seem tired after it.

Today was frustrating.  I was tired and a lot of effort seemed to be required.  I could have been done with the swim after 1.5k, but I pushed on to 4k, doing some kick to give my wrist a rest, and my right shoulder, which has always been a bit weaker.  The wrist is still very stuck in position, and still pretty swollen.  It is just beyond annoying when I worked so hard all winter, and have now missed a planned swimming camp, and don't feel that I'll even be managing the sort of times that I did last year whilst training on the bike and run as well.  Less than a month to the first race of the season, less than 2 months to the first 10k, and less than 3 months until I attempt to swim Lake Windermere....

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