Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tenerife 4

Or Tired Thursday as it's known.  I've always struggled with the Wednesday/Thursday on camp.  Too much accumulated fatigue, bit of homesickness and so on.  I felt quite down last night, missing Mr Just Keep Swimming, and lethargic this morning, but I did perk up somewhat after a hard kicking focussed swim this morning.

My goal for the Thursday of the camp was to last for the whole of the swim in the afternoon.  Last year I got out before it was over; the year before I thought I did, but thinking about it, it was Weds afternoon that I bailed out on.  After I shared this with some of the other ladies, there was peer pressure to stay in.  But I made it through!  Despite having eaten my lunch so late that I was burping up peanut butter and banana fumes.  Nice...

This afternoon's mainset was tough, but not as tough as it might have been because we ran out of time to reverse it :-)

I use this photo from Swim for Tri to illustrate.  For each repeat, the time allowed increased by 15 seconds, starting with 60s and going up to 4m.  We were in the 50m pool and you had to work out how far you could swim in the time allowed, finishing at one end and taking any time over for rest.  A bit mathematical!  I moved from 50 to 100 at 1:45, and from 100 to 150 at 2:45, and then up to 200 at 3:30, and didn't quite make it to 250 at 4m.  I'm not sure if this explanation makes any sense, it was almost too much for my tired brain to process.  After that hard swim I felt that I might sink if I swam any further, but I did complete the swimdown, which made my swim 3.5k this afternoon, 5.5k for the whole day :-D

I've been trying really hard to eat well this camp, eating lunch too late today aside, and I'm trying to decide if it's making a difference or not.  I've certainly noticed that because I haven't got gluten-free substitutes available, my IBS is a lot better (at home I eat large quantities of gluten free wraps and breads to fill up on, and they are highly processed, often with some weird ingredients to make up for the lack of gluten).  I've been filling up on extra main course.  Yesterday I had a bit of a chocolate binge, but that was partly because I had not eaten enough protein.  I am pretty sure that I felt that this morning.  I'm going to put a renewed focus on what I'm eating when I'm home, and try to keep the protein levels higher.

And with that note, it's off to dinner!

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