Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tenerife 3

3 more swims done since the post I wrote yesterday.  We had a technique focused session in the 25m pool yesterday afternoon for 90 minutes which took me to c.5k for Monday, another technique focused session in the 25m pool this morning (2k) and then a hard fitness endurance session in the 50m pool this afternoon (4.6k - takes me to 6.6k swum today).

Here is me in my Swim Swim Funkita t-shirt yesterday

The fitness endurance sessions have to be my favourite even though they are hard and unpleasant at the time.  I didn't feel great this morning when I woke up - dreadful nightmares and stomach ache meant that I didn't feel very well rested.  Apparently I wasn't smiling this morning :(  As the day went on I also started to develop a bit of a sore throat which is still there in the background.  Not surprising really as I was getting pretty run down before I came away.  I hope it will stay in the background for the rest of the week at least.

At lunchtime, I had a sports massage.  Self care and all that. My right shoulder has been niggling for a bit, and although the osteopath sorted me out on the Tuesday before I came away, work put paid to that, along with sleeping awkwardly one night, and so Mr Just Keep Swimming told me firmly to book a sports massage.  Pietro, the masseur has gained a bit of a reputation amongst the athletes on the camp for being a bit brutal, and they weren't too far off the mark.  30 minutes of pain plus being lectured about drinking more water (that is my self-care goal for the rest of the week - without my usual morning peppermint tea and lunchtime decaff coffee I'm definitely down on fluid even if I am drinking more water than usual) and doing more stretching (we did an excellent stretching routine this morning which I must get the details of), but it was worth the money and the pain as my shoulders were a lot looser and I was swimming faster than I have been all camp.  Apparently I'll feel fantastic tomorrow, but maybe not given the hard swim session this afternoon!

The mainset from this afternoon proved to be a broken 3.8k, although by sharing the lead in the lane on some of the reps with the lovely Vicky, I ended up taking a bit more rest than I should have done so I guess that'll be reflected in my time overall, which I am happily ignorant of at the moment.  Here's me in the pink hat pushing through it.

Here's what we did:
10 x 100m with 10s rest
1 x 100m with 10s rest
1 x 200m with 20s rest
1 x 300m with 30s rest
1 x 400m with 40s rest
1 x 500m with 50s rest
1 x 600m with 60s rest
1 x 700m

It was hard - I'm not a great fan of ascending ladders, but I managed to keep swimming to the end of it, and I felt much, much better than I had in the morning or even at lunchtime after getting through it.

Some freshly squeezed orange juice was a nice reward

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