Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 Plans

Several people have asked me to share my plans for 2016 and in an attempt to blog a touch more frequently in 2016, I thought it was worth writing them down.  It seems in the last 24 hours that I've finally rediscovered my swimming mojo which was sadly left 500m from the finish line in the Two Way Windermere swim.  I've finally swum further than 5k in the pool (twice!) and although I had already entered a number of running events, this has made me more keen to consider swimming events.  So, getting back from an excellent catch up with my early morning swimming hat twin Super H, I set to and worked out exactly what I was doing with 2016.  The focus is really on shorter swimming events, so that I can concentrate on the longer running events, but I have some longish swims in mind for 2017.  The plan is to do at least one organised event per month to give me a sense of achievement as part of an attempt to maintain my reasonably new found better*being. (* better = better than I was rather than better = recovered).

31st January: Dartmoor Trail Half Marathon 

7th February: Grim Challenge (postponed from December)
Annual Tenerife Swim camp

6th March: Milton Keynes Festival of Running - 20 mile run

3rd April: White Horse Half Marathon
17th April: Brighton Marathon
30th April: Box End Mass Start Swim (Not yet entered, will see how I feel nearer the time)

22nd May: Windermere Marathon 

5th June: Coniston Trail Marathon (this will be a walk/run affair - we've entered the challenge race as this will be more akin to the ACC (see below) and only 2 weeks after our last marathon)
18th June: Box End Mass Start Swim (Not yet entered, will see how I feel nearer the time)

3rd July: Seahorse Swim, Studland Bay, 3.8k 
17th July: Swim Oxford 6k (undecided on this one)

27th August: Fuschlsee Crossing 4.2k 

11th September: Swim Oxford 10k (undecided on this one)

7th - 9th October: Atlantic Coast Challenge

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  1. All looks fun! I have the Coventry Half booked for Feb and a trail half for October, will be doing the Birmingham Half, I imagine, and just waiting to register for my marathon and hoping to get into the Las Vegas half in Novemeber. I kind of want to run another half or further with Ben, the 401 Marathons man, when he's back in the Midlands or on his last one in Bristol. Good luck with all your events, they sound fab!