Sunday, 26 July 2015

Post Windermere Blues

On Saturday night I had a lovely dream about doing a Two Way Windermere again, we ate ice creams on the way and when I finished it felt truly celebratory.  As time passes from my Windermere swim, I do increasingly get a sense of achievement from it, but I also find that I can barely remember any of it apart from the embarrassing meltdown at the end which I still feel embarrassed about. I keep finding out more titbits about the swim whenever I talk to H at the pool in the mornings but it almost feels like a dream in that I can't recall any of the details. At least I have my special trophy.

Despite another amazing success last weekend (needs a separate post) I feel pretty flat and directionless. 3 weeks since the swim today and I struggled mentally (and possibly physically..) to swim 5k in the pool today. And I'm the girl who swam many many pool swims in the last couple of months of 10k and more.  I'm struggling to gather my thoughts about this - I've got plenty of things coming up to look forward to, I need to get quality swimming in as there is less time available for swimming.

I guess it doesn't help that there are other things preoccupying me. I put on some weight in the run up to the swim and after it and shaking it off means a bit less surplus energy which might have affected my swim this am. I'm struggling terribly with the thought of the end to my reduced hours at work and having to try to function 5 days a week which will inevitably compromise my ability to do anything at weekends.

I'm not sure I've written what I hoped to write, but it's something.

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